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Park Care Centre

Park Care Centre

Park Care Centre, established 1961, provides comprehensive-Holistic Chronic-24-hr residential Nursing-Care, and Palliative-(end-of-life)-Care to 320 predominantly older, mainly chronically sick/frail individuals

Reduced from 215 in 2016 – now just on 150+ of a total of 320 Residents are of poor/sub-economic status and sponsored by Park Care
The resident population consists of persons of diverse backgrounds, racial groups, languages, religions, cultures and income groups

24hr Long-term Specialist-&-Professional Nursing Services are provided by Professional Nursing Sisters, Proficient Staff Nurses & Enrolled Nurses plus Trained Care Workers (permanent and contract workers) to 320 residents with conditions like:
Age-related general-frailty Cancer
Traumatic-Brain-Injuries Diabetes
Parkinson’s-Disease Multiple-Sclerosis
Depression Bipolar-Disorders
Stroke Dementia/Alzheimer’s-Disease
Post-Operative Care
Genetic-Disorders eg. Huntington’s & Motor Neuron Disease
Permanent-Comas; Persons with tracheas and tube feeding

We have 104 Residents identified with advanced Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and other related conditions, who are thriving in the long term nursing care of the Forget-Me-Not-section, our specialised secure unit on the premises, expressly designed for persons who have are diagnosed with these conditions

Nursing Team 200+ And Supplementary staff – carers, cleaners, caterers, and others
The Social Work Team- Senior Social-Worker, Social-Worker, 3 x Social-Auxiliary-Workers. Services available to residents, family, and community members
-Group Care e.g. laughter therapy, discussion groups etc.
-Recruitment, orientation, training and mobilization of individual & groups of volunteers (including School Volunteer Programs)
-Management of community based services (underprivileged-poor Vrededorp community Home Based Care Programme)
-Facilitation of the comprehensive Active Aging program for the enhancement of residents’ overall well-being
-Rehabilitation Services- Post-Operative and Post–Injury Care Services are available. The Physio, Occupational Therapist, Biokineticists and Speech Therapist/ Audiologist all make their outstanding services available to residents
Park Care’s Sustainable Income is generated from:
-Monthly Boarding fees for professional Residential 24/7 Holistic Nursing Care & Rehabilitative Services.
-Department-of-Social-Development’s minimal Subsidy for 215-sub-economic-pensioners over the 60-years.
-Proposals to Businesses;-Grantmakers;-Foundations;-Lotto;-corporations;-and other – Ceaseless Fundraising/Business-Development activities to ascertain adequate income
– Supplementary Income (recoveries for transport, laundry, nappies etc); -Interest Received;-Debit Orders
Support is pursued to enable Park Care to Procure several/most or all of the following essential commodities as listed, that will be of remarkable advantage and benefit, to both residents and staff, and community as this will enhance the characteristic of our professional-nursing-services provided to the frail-elderly who are entrusted into our hands for top-quality care and attention:-

WISH LIST: PARK CARE 24/7 Frail Nursing Care Centre Since 1961
For the 320 residents at Park Care Centre, in 14 different Wards (6x Buildings) and for
+/- 150 Elderly in Vrededorp (Home Based Care Programme):

– Incontinence Nappies or Cash toward the Nappy Fund: Park Care subsidises Incontinence Nappies for several residents
– Ward Equipment: Beds with/or Cot sides; Recliners; Drip Stands; Blood Pressure Machines, Portable Baths
– “DRY” medicines: Bandages, Elasto-plasters, Panado and Disprin, surgical gloves (these items are no longer supplied by Hospitals, and many residents don’t have families who can buy these), Nutriment T and other vitamin/mineral & amino acid supplements
– Recliners: Lazy-Boy Chairs or other Comfortable Supportive seatings for the very weak in the wards
– Frail Sections: Strong plastic water jugs and glasses for Frail Residents
– Cutlery: knives, forks, spoons and teaspoons
– Crockery (dishwasher safe): plates, cups, saucers, glasses
– Wards: Curtaining for wards, offices, lounges etc., Bedside lamps and torches
– Bedding – Single: sheets, duvet covers, blankets, comforters, pillowcases, throws and other items
– Toiletries: soap, toilet paper, toothbrushes, toothpaste, Vaseline, plain unscented Aqueous Cream, Camphor Cream, disposable razors, shampoo and conditioner, deodorant
– Hairbrushes, combs, nail clippers, nail brushes, nail scissors, nail files and Emery boards
– Clothing: Winter pyjamas for men & women; & Tracksuits: Medium, Large and Extra Large
“Stokies”- slippers, Socks – all sizes; Underclothes: underpants, panties, vests (different sizes)
– Snacks: Fruit, snacks, crisps, biscuits, salt/sweet treats, sweets and other, juice, cool-drink
– Art materials: scrapbook items, paint, easels, paper, canvass, small scissors, Pritt, wood – and paper glue, silicone (clear), rulers, stamps and stamp-pads, and coloured paper (We have twice weekly art classes)
– Adult Colouring Therapy: intricate adult geometric pattern designs: Colouring pencils, Koki’s, Pastels and other colouring items
– Knitting club: Loads of Wool (ladies meets weekly and knits for underprivileged persons and children)
– Dementia Activities: Balls, balloons, and bubbles for weekly stimulation activities in the Dementia Ward
– Functions and Activities: A High Volume portable radio/tape and c/d player /speakers
– Entertainment/Relaxation: 2nd Hand pianos in good working order (for the Vrededorp Community Project)
– Relaxation: Aviary in the Dementia Ward garden
– Buildings Inside and Outside: Paint (Off-white & White Colour) –Enamel for overdue Ward Upgrading

o Cash or Monthly Debit Order: Any Contribution From As Little As R 50.00 (p/m) Welcome!
SARS Section 18A Receipts Issued for Monetary Donations
o (IT3 issued annually for South African Revenue Services)

Other ideas of gift/donation options to consider:
Basic toiletries for the residents with no means and family is an ongoing need, and there are now almost 60 residents whose monthly requirements are supplied by Park Care. We also give them a bit of sweets and biscuits as they have no money to ever buy a treat and only get food and the little we give them, and dessert only on Wednesdays and Sundays, so economic biscuits and sweetie packets are always welcome. And for some reason everyone’s sweet tooth seems to intensify with age, the older the more we love sweets… haha, I have always wondered why.
2) We also have a great need for upgrading the dark upstairs bedrooms, some whose curtains and bedding is so worn out that they are almost see-through. We are very desperate for matching full length curtains in a vibrant bright beautiful colour -long wearing, beautiful pattern and quality fabric (we are hard on linen as here everything gets washed very often), with matching or accentuating comforters in three quarter sizes. It can also be duvet and duvet covers and pillow cases, sheets. A little bedside lamp and or/dustbins in the same colour would be welcome. We can transform drab rooms with your help if you wish. The curtain drops can all look alike and we will put as many per window as needed. There are about 8 rooms we wish to start with, but don’t need to do all at once. Bright yet soft greens, purples, pinks, blues and whites are ever popular. Another option to consider.
3) Reading glasses available at Dischem in differing strength restores some independence and abilities to many residents with no means and will help us circumvent the very long (years) waiting lists at JHB Gen. This may be preferable as a donation option?
Residents are always asking for pictures of themselves whenever we click them at events.
4) You may also wish to serve cupcakes or hot choc, bring a radio or play some nice olden days music like Beatles or Elvis or Beach Boys etc. Music is always a hit with residents.
5) We can even take out Djembe drums so if someone in your org is a drummer they might like to beat out some rythms with residents.
If someone likes painting nails they can also set up a table for this. We can keep it simple or make it more varied, have one booth or many.

Park Care’s Sustainable Income is mainly generated from:
-Monthly Boarding fees for professional Residential 24/7 Holistic Nursing Care & Rehabilitative Services.
-Department-of-Social-Development’s Subsidy for sub-economic-pensioners over the 60-years
-Regular Appeals are directed to Businesses;-Grantmakers;-Foundations; also imploring Lotto;-corporations;-and other establishments to offer sustainable support/partnership/donations/sponsorship, with whose criteria the purpose of the Centre’s 24/7-Holistic-Care-&-Rehabilitative-Services and the Vrededorp-Home-Based-Care aligns.
– Ceaseless Fundraising/Business-Development activities to ascertain adequate income
– Supplementary Income (debt-recoveries for transport, laundry, nappies) etc are further indispensable procedures structuring the indispensable part of Park Care’s design to effect satisfactory income.

For years the facility has the reputation as being the only residential-facility equipped to provide long-term complicated-chronic-care to patients who need tube-feeding;-suctioning;-oxygen-therapy;-colostomy-care;-bed-sore-care etc. Hospitals, other old-age-homes and homes-for-the-disabled, often refer patients to this Centre, because they cannot manage these complicated nursing tasks.
Park Care Centre’s significant achievements during transformations/challenges over time are defined in its Annual-Reports: “Despite these changes, the new management, together with committed staff, succeeded in steering Park Care through financially difficult times experienced, and, ensured that the excellent professional 24/7-residential-nursing-care/services provided, are continued at the same measured high levels-and-standards which are the trademark of Park Care’s 55+years-existence.

-Sources of Income such as Donations, Monthly-Residential-Fees, Gifts-In-Kind, Interest-on-investments, State-subsidy etc. helps keeping the Centre resolute.
-Fundraising-activities are performed by:- business-development-officer/fundraiser;-staff;-management-and-other members. Constant Appeals/Applications are presented requesting support, for available-funding-awards.
Ceating awareness and increase platform of sponsors-/donors-/partners-/supporters-/churches-and other corporations.
-We bring tribute to our gracious Lord who enables us to render service to the Glory of His Name – supplying generous financial support to sustain Park Care, making such a tremendous difference from 2014 – 2016 to care 24/7 for poor and destitute older fragile / weak/ dependent-persons.

-Park Care evidently demonstrates itself to be a unique 24/7 nursing care centre for extremely vulnerable/frail persons, for much more than 50-years.
-Extensive existing liaison with- Department-of-Social-Development and other governmental-departments; Hospitals,-Clinics,-Rehabilitation-Centres,-Medical-Profession; Facebook/Website; Welfare-Organisations;-Organisational-links with other old-age-homes/frail institutions;-Churches;-Schools; Residents-(current and ex)’s families;-friends;-referrals; word-of-mouth. Being an established facility and well-known throughout many domains in South Africa with several affiliates/residents’ families in USA;-UK;-other foreign-countries;

Yet, The Lord has blessed Park Care always, to the extent that the Centre prevailed over all the years, remaining exceptional and high in demand for assisted care.

ParkCare’s advanced-tangible-integral services include additional stimuli ie. counselling (also trauma) to residents, relatives and caregivers.
The Social Work Team execute an applicable institutional-care-program of social-and-mental-stimulation in a secure environment, with educational/-cultural/-spiritual-and-recreational-services:-
-Active Ageing – facilitated activities providing residents with a sense of purpose and reason for living: functions;-music;-dancing;-djembe-drumming;-social activities;-bingo;-exercises;-chess;-sensory room;-card games;-baking club etc.
-Spiritual Care – several Churches visit and arrange services;-events;-functions. Supportive to members & others, with spiritual-care-and-counselling to residents/family/staff-members.
-Volunteers;-groups;-individuals;-students;-and-school-learners bringing fun-and-entertainment or visit with residents, music-movement for bedridden-residents; manage some weekly-active-ageing-events.
-Rehabilitation programs – physio;-biokintecks;-occupational-therapy;-state-doctor;-other related-activities
-Often the Team visit the dining rooms after meal-times, facilitating group activities: singing;-art;-hand-massages;-discussions;-more

ParkCare repetitively strives to enhance/-improve/-advance services through positive-changes, exciting new-projects, providing sterling service-and-care to frail/ill/persons with extreme nursing-needs.
-Since 2011/2012, ParkCare utilised-and-shared its resources-and-expertise to 150+frail-and-infirm-elderly of the nearby sub-economic-housing-scheme-Vrededorp-community through weekly/daily nursing-and-social-work-clinics.
-Demand led to 3-new-extended-buildings in 2003 since inception in 1961
-Immense demand for crucial-residential-nursing-care-facilities increased and bed-capacity were expanded to accommodate 320-frail/infirm-residents.

-Services not covered by medical-aids;-or provided for by state-hospitals/private-clinics, piloted housing 80-healthy-older-people, towards caring for chronic-and-extremely-frail-individuals for long-term-24-hour nursing-care.
-Over the years, ParkCare proved capability of delivering excellent-services with sound financial-management (unqualified-audit-reports).
-Repeatedly full, available beds momentarily filled, intensifies the imperative/vital need for these services

Our scale up needs – In order to scale up and increase future impacts, the most urgent needs for Park Care
Mini Bus 7/9-seater or larger to Transport Residents (with wheelchairs/assisted-equipment) for hospital/medical-appointments
Wheelchair-lift for vehicle-ramp
Waterproofing/damp-proofing of 6 Buildings
Painting/Maintenance 6 x Buildings: Interior and Exterior – 14floors: wards/passages & other amenities -labour
LED-Lighting- Installation/Materials/Labour
Solar-Systems –Installation/Material/Labour
Incomaster-Nappy-Disposal-Machine (Medical-Macerator) plus required installation/training
At least 6 x Aspirators/Suction Machines (Portable and/or other): detrimental for the health care of many frail persons – used for aspirating body fluids such as mucus or catarrh. Cheaper to replace than to repair – for cleaning out lungs of residents in high to intensive care, incapable of natural breathing etc, persons on tube feeding and tracheas
Roller-Bands –lift/move residents
2xSets Bedding/Linen -320 beds
2xsets Towelling -200 residents
2x Elevators Lifts Jakaranda & Villa Rosa (2floors) installation
Replace 2xElevator lifts -Petrea (4floors) installation – current ones continuously out of order due to age stage of development which we might call ageing
3xHoists -fragile residents
Lifts/hoists – fragile residents -vehicles
Monkey-chains for high/intensive care beds
Computers/camera installations-and-upgrades plus training -14xnursing stations
200/300 x Wall-heaters
6xExternal Gas-Heaters
Laundry Room: Appliances and Equipment – some not in working order and others requiring ongoing maintenance & repairs
Industrial Press Iron & Smaller Irons
Washing Machines and Dryers
And in addition

Monthly General Expenses
• Escorts and transport for residents to and from hospitals and other appointments
• Funeral policies (AVBOB) special discounted policy premiums
When needed –
• Hairdressing
• Nails
• Tuck shop – snacks, toiletries when insufficient donations are received
• Ladies and/or gents underwear (urgent)
Incontinence Nappies averaging R 12,000 p.m.

36 Escombe Avenue P O Box 72061
2193 Johannesburg

PBO No 930009409
SARS 18A Tax Certificates Issued
BTW/VAT Reg No 4500110541

Contact: bdo@parksorg.org.za


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