Committed to emancipating a girl child and women of all background from vicious chains of poverty, malnutrition, illiterate and unemployment rate of low income in using our full labour force, special knowledge and expertise for economic growth through vegetable farming and managing the soil health for our sustainable livelihood. We are assists the Villagers with upliftment and development to restore the dignity and personal growth of vulnerable women and children. We set out for the purpose of empowering them all over Africa and we are In full-time operations for the past 8 Months, objectives been:-

1. Farming, introducing the vegetable gardening for them to grow their own foods as a way of managing household budgets, malnutrition, unemployment and managing Soil health.
2. Martial arts training in eradicating violence against a girl child and women as violence is deeprooted and widespread throughout the World and in all societies, we take every seriously our duty to safeguard and promote their well-fare in defending themselves through martial arts as a self weapon from danger and promoting fitness.
3. Educational development outreach programmes and skills facilitation culturally and academically to build strong loving connections and creating new opportunities furthering their studies and landing their first job or business emerge knowing their roots and heritage for self-respect.

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Basically, we try as much as we can do to streamline our activities in Rising in Sekhukhune to areas where we can produce faster results when it comes to eradicating poverty and malnutrition like,
* Implementing the vegetable project through households and looking forward also in Schools
* Mentoring and coaching
* Providing school uniforms and food parcels
* Sourcing for Bursaries and Scholarships for Students
We wish and pledge for sponsorships, donors to partner with us fighting poverty, malnutrition and unemployment to a sustainable livelihood of women and children

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Giving the farming skill to women and children and now they implementing their own backyard garden leading to a combine produce supplying.

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