We are a Public Benefit Organization based in Cape Town offering ROBOTICS & CODING training for children and youth between the ages of 8 and 13 in public schools and in libraries. Our learners enjoy hands-on nature of learning, as it allows them to satisfy their high levels of curiosity with the ability to #ignite their intelligence constructing either a code of the mechanical components of a robot – leading to a tangible output. We partnered with the University of Cape Town Community Co-Op for their support with fourth-year level computer Science students to deliver hands-on coding training at school.

How long has your Organisation been operational?

8 months

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NPC # 2019/498091/08;
PBO #930068172.

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1. We would be so grateful if we can have laptops for the facilitators as well as for training our learners.
2. We desperately need additional robotics devices as the current quantities are inadequate for the number of learners we have.
3. Our long term dream is to secure a building where we can have children coming after-school and on Saturday to learn skills of industry 4.0.

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Reaching about 700 learners and over 4 public librarians during the international Hour Of Code, in Oct/ Nov 2019, We celebrated with the awarding of certificates by the school principal.
We are also proud to be providing employment to three young people in Cape Town.

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