• ALUMNI CONNECT is an inclusive platform for engagement of all alumni (former students) of every school in S.A., The alumni are ambassadors of their School who want to positively contribute the well-being of the school (environment, students and teachers) and the surrounding community. Foster a culture of philanthropy.
• Alumni Connect want to make a difference, add value and sow seeds into the lives of the children in the community. Our vision and mission are to plough back into the lives of young people and develop good citizens who will contribute positively towards their community, the economy of the country and grow up into productive members of society.

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Yes, NPO registration number: Alumni Connect NPC 2019/598151/08, registered with The Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) in South Africa.

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We believe that children are the world’s most valuable resource and it’s the best to hope for the future, so we want to do everything to make sure that our young generations are given the proper tools to succeed in life. There are two strategic themes and goals that we want to focus on:
Our strategy is to create a culture where learners can take control of their own destiny’s. We want to encourage a spirit of entrepreneurship, where they would want to become business owners and not job seekers.
The first goal is to create a culture of accountability, we want all youth to take ownership and responsibility for the roles that they can play in making their lives and community better.
The second goal is to create an entrepreneurial culture within the youth, and all stakeholders connected with schools.
These themes will be supported by a special fund set up, where any alumni, or person associated with the school can contribute. The funds will be managed and be under the direct control of the school, the School Governing Bodies, and Alumni Connect.

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Facebook: Under Alumni Connect

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We are newly established and still a very entity, that said we managed to establish a Covid-19 standard operating manual, as well as facilitate the necessary training, and supply of the necessary PPE & sanitizers, to ensure that learners and teachers were ready to return to schools safely under this pandemic. This was for a school in Eldorado Park, an area that is stricken by poverty and unemployment in the south of Johannesburg, Gauteng province, South Africa.

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