Animal Law Reform South Africa is the first dedicated animal law non-profit organisation in South Africa, and one of the first in Africa. We are composed of compassionate lawyers working towards the protection of animals, humans and the environment. We envisage a society and legal system that adequately protects all vulnerable beings.

We work on connecting three core focus areas: Animal well-being, Social Justice and Law. We focus on a few key areas that we believe will bring about the most change, which includes: Legislative and Policy Reform; Litigation and Legal Services and Education and Research.

South African animal protection laws are not adequate to address the scale of abuse, particularly institutional and systemic abuses. Where laws exist, implementation is weak, and punishment rare.
Increasingly, there is a recognition that the injustices in human history are not limited to humans; other creatures too are the subject of cruelty. Part of shifting understanding is for humans to recognize the historical manner in which animals have been treated, often without adequately considering their interests and lives.

Utilising the law as our tool, we work on intersectional issues to ensure justice for all that require it. Through education, collaboration, research and access, we believe we can achieve incremental change for vulnerable beings and ensure that their interests are accounted for in the legal system

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CIPC Registration Number: 2017/330930/08
NPO Registration Number: 208-234 NPO

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Name of Account: Animal Law Reform South Africa
Bank: Standard Bank
Account Number: 10109113126
Branch: Sandton City
Branch Code: 018105
Branch Code (Electronic Payments) 018105

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Our Publication highlighting the voices of South African Youth, students and researchers on animal protection and environmental issues – published in July 2020:
Our Webinar on “What is Animal Law?”:
Our Submission to the South African Government on issues relating to Elephants, Rhinos, Lions and Leopards in July 2020:
Our other work:

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