The Bhambayi Project, which began in 2007, has a unique model of supporting orphans and vulnerable children (OVC’s), together with their guardians, within the community they live. There is a huge need for this with over 5 million OVC’s in South Africa. We are focused on one of the most disadvantaged areas in our city where most people live in informal housing and few have running water. This community-based support model enables a far greater reach than the traditional orphanage model. In the Bhambayi Project, we focus on relationships and empowerment to restore identity and bring long-term holistic transformation to our Special Stars (what we call our orphans) and to the community, as developed in our H.E.L.P. giving model. Through these relationships of honour and ‘eye2eye giving’, historical barriers are broken down across the economic and racial divide as we build unity in, and strength through, our diversity.

How long has your Organisation been operational?

The organisation began in 2007

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We are a registered entity
NPO 158- 843
PBO 930059603

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Immediate needs: Food hampers for those who have nothing due to COVID-19 lockdown. R250 per hamper distributed through people of integrity known to us. All recipients checked to ensure real need and no duplication.
Other needs:
– Training room for our high school children- a safe place for them to study in the afternoons and from which we will run our training
– Tablets (R1500 each) for our high school children and university students to be able to access online materials. We have 9 for 70 high school children currently.
– R250 per month- food parcel for child-headed households
– R350 per month for a child to receive values-based life skills, talent development and job-related training (from dance training to bricklaying!) and to link in with a fieldworker for emotional support.

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Which Cause achievement are you most proud of? Feel free to elaborate on why and include any links:

1. Seeing some of our Special Stars (what we call our orphans) coming from a 1-roomed informal dwelling shared by 10 people in the community, learning and growing and going on to study and have a job and lift their wider family out of poverty, but still continue to give back in amazing ways to the community
2. Eye2eye giving- we don’t believe in pity giving- our giving transforms everyone in the process- There is no powerful or powerless- we all journey and grow together. I have seen countless lives changed through this way of giving as relationships are formed across the economic, race and culture divide and we build bridges to the future.

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