Welfare Through Education is what we at CDEFSA believe in.

CDEFSA is intent on uplifting underprivileged communities. Our aim is to empower All in Need but we also realise that by fosusing our attention on specific areas/sectors, we will yield much better results.

VISION: We will provide sustainable Education , Welfare and Community Development services and products based on specific Needs Analysis research.

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Reg. No. 2011/001335/08

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  • Software that could be used in Early Childhood Development Facilities
  • Computer literacy Training for our Staff at Thabong creche
  • Infrastructural assistance

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http://www.cdefsa.org.za/ ( website is getting a new Look to speak to the current socio-economic challenges and our Game-Changing approach )

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CDEFSA has embarked on an Initiative since 2018 that we feel is a Game Changer to the Early Childhood Development environment. Through careful consideration to what the Clinical Psychologist deem as vital for the Formative years of a child, we felt that our focus was too much on the children and in doing so we couldn’t see the power of Change that resided in us focusing more on the Infrastructure ( ECD facility ) and Resources ( Grade ‘R’ teacher, Child-Minders and technologically assisted educational tools ). In essence, our approach is to house the creche/daycare facility in a building that’s properly designed and equipped to be a functioning creche. Secondly, we Upskill the Grade ‘R’ teacher and Child-Minder with a 10 week certified Course and duly pay them a salary in line with their qualifications.

2019 we spent getting potential Funders and Investors to assist us in reaching our Goal. It was a fruitful year, a lot of contacts made and the ball was put in motion by the end of 2019 beginning of 2020 we were all set to commence with the clearing of the land earmarked for our new Thabong creche in Asanda Village, Strand. Unfortunately, COVID-19 made an appearance and most companies ( including those that are on-board with us ) are restructuring or trying to keep afloat till after September 2020 and then we will hopefully resume with our Cause.

In conclusion, the above-mentioned Initiative will take place and the creche that we have been Partnering with since we started our NPC is Thabong creche. I’ll attach a link that shows our commitment to serving our poor communities even though COVID-19 brought about a lot of logistical restrictions. CDEFSA is confident that our Game-Changing creche Initiative and our new Initiative that came about after the children in the community of Zola, Asdanda Village complained about having to submit their assignments online but not having the necessary computing equipment and safe environment to do it in, we realised the importance of e-Learning Hubs throughout our beloved South Africa. This has now become a Priority for CDEFSA to assist these students with their Need for an Educationally based Centre.


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