Tell us about the history of your Organisation

Our organization was founded in early 2014. Our aim is to better the lives and health of animals in KZN and surrounding areas. We run a feeding programme plus rescue animals in need of medical attention and find homes for animals needing families.

Which three words best describe your Organisation?

Hope, love and protection

If you could change only one thing about your Organisation, what would it be?

I would change and ensure every rescue story has a happy ending.

Describe what a typical work day looks like for you at your Organisation?

A typical day starts with the checking and responding to emails and comments on social media. Next we sort & check inventory, load vehicle for drop offs, head out to deliver and meet the animals then home to upload and update donors.

What is the one thing you wish members of the general public knew about your Organisation?

I wish the public understood that we are a group of volunteers and rescue work can be heart breaking at times.

Describe the saddest moment you’ve experienced while at work in your Organisation

The saddest experience was having to make the decision to end the suffering of an injured animal that was making medical progress but overnight crashed, and had to inform the donors that were also hopeful of the recovery.

Apart from donating money, how can members of the general public assist your Organisation?

The general public can get involved with Furballs by helping market and sharing our fundraising drives, selling raffle tickets or assisting with collection or drop offs of donations.

Describe the happiest moment you’ve experienced while at work in your Organisation

The happiest moment is every time an injured animal gets the all clear from the vet!

If you could say only one thing to the Community your Organisation serves, what would that be?

Everyone has the ability to change a life.

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