Why we do it…
We believe any young adult, (unemployed, under 25y, passed gr.12), has the potential to become a role-model in their community and workplace.

Our L-S-D-values, anchored in Biblical truth …
• L ove – demonstrate humbleness, kindness, patience …
• S ecurity – live by promises that speaks life …
• D iscipline – visibly changed behaviour …

What & How we do it * subject to changes within the range of our “why”
 We follow a deliberate process to instil a purpose driven life, with values and a teachable spirit, growing our student towards being more employable!
 We assist them with exposure to the work place & to obtaining placements with the local college.
 We provide an opportunity to understand business and to change habits & attitudes accordingly.

First Step months 1-4 (min.15 weeks) Group sessions [8:30 – 13:00] Month 1: 12- 13 sessions (3x/WEEK, 3-4 weeks) (Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays), e.g.
 Dream-the-dream, First Light (thinking, being, feeling, listening, speaking, doing, destination), Living with a purpose, Entrepreneurial project – experience “How a business operates”.
Month 2: 15- 16 sessions (4x/WEEK, min. 4 weeks on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays), e.g.
 Meaningful relations, Problem solving, L-S-D Values unpacked, Love languages, Budgeting/Personal finance, Balancing Life and technology, work ethics, attitudes, Career plan and coaching, CV & Interviewing skills.
Month 3: 8- 9 sessions (2x/WEEK, min. 4 weeks on Tuesdays & Thursdays)
 Honing your Employability and related Behaviour: leadership/difference maker, student presentations re. their own employability and action plans. Continued coaching/mentoring & volunteering.
 Show evidence of min. deliverables achieved on last day in order to continue to month 4!
 Every day: After class & on days no formal class is presented:
 Flexi-time group & individual: min. 2- 3 hours/day in Computer room, Library & at Home.
 Portfolio of evidence building on topics which will add value to our “WHY”, stated above.
Month 4: Practical; Honing Role Model-behaviour (min. 4 -5 weeks on Thursdays)
 Further exposure & experience to work environment; Research tasks, build portfolio, personal career plan & honing behavioral skills (attitudes & habits)
 Compulsory Deliverable to be met in order to achieve a certificate as a FSA Role Model

How long has your Organisation been operational?

6 years

Is your Organisation a registered entity? If so, please list your registration details below for eg: NPO Number, PBO Number, NPC Number etc 

NPC (2013/205705/08)
PBO 9300 470 43

Do you have a Wish List? If so, please post it below: 

We would like to partner with Businesses;
i. Form a sustainability viewpoint
ii. Accommodating our students from a volunteering, exposure & workplace experience purpose
ii. Assistance with marketing

Where can we find your Organisation online? Please list links to your Website and Social Media Platforms here: 



Which Cause achievement are you most proud of? Feel free to elaborate on why and include any links:

During the past 6 years we have enrolled +-650 students of whom at least 60% plus completed successfully and entered the world of work as a difference maker being part of the solution!
We can get witnesses many local companies in the Winelands area of the Western Cape, e.g. La Motte, Leopards Leap, Three Streams in Franschhoek and many other in Paarl, Wellington.

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