“HeartBeat Clowns” is a Non-Profit Company which intends to pioneer the professional skill of medical clowning in South Africa. The professional skill will be targeted at unemployed black youth and aligned with the credentials of the YES Campaign, recently launched by President Cyril Ramaphosa.

We have registered as a skills provider and implementation partner for the YES Campaign. This is an incentivized programme to encourage businesses to provide job opportunities for youth. It forms a collaboration between government, labour, civil society, to initiate projects which are geared to create job opportunities, assisting to resolve the country’s unemployment crisis.

Heartbeat Clowns proposes to enhance lives of patients and/or medical practitioners in institutions through medical clowning. Not only does it offer additional flexible employment to professional and aspiring performing artists, but it does so whilst enabling them to give back in the most incredibly meaningful and powerful way.

This work has been extensively researched abroad and has enormous psycho-social impacts. The Medical Clown facilitates the process of connecting with patients a hospital environment, using a variety of tools they learn, to increase happiness amongst all participants.

Our country faces a lot of challenges, with an enormous amount of trauma, stress and anxiety in many places. The hospital environment is not immune to this, research has shown that the interaction with the Medical Clown has significant positive aspects, reduces stress and has increased serotonin levels in patients. The Medical Clown as the ability to put smiles on the faces of very sick people and help their families make sense of the trauma they are experiencing.

We believe that everybody deserves the right to be happy. Scientific research proves that laughter can assist with the healing process. The Medical Clown connects to the heart of all those they meet. During a year the Medical Clown reaches 12,600,000 people. We plan on training youth as ‘Medical Clowns’ making a social impact, creating job opportunities, touching lives and transforming the hospital experience, one smile at a time.

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We are looking for a sponsor to assist with our customised NPO CRM expenses with Salesforce.

We are looking for pro-bono work in marketing and advertising of our services.

We would like to get a sponsored vehicle to be customised as a ‘Clownbulance’ to use to take children on outings or special visits.

We would like to have monthly sponsors of clowns which cover the visits to the hospitals.

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We are proud to be a non-profit which is providing a social impact, to be uplifting youth, creating job opportunities for them in a professional skill which has an accredited academic qualification behind it.


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