Our vision is to spread Hope, Love and Justice in the quest to end Modern Day Slavery and Exploitation, We do this through prevention and awareness initiatives carried out alongside direct interventions to rescue, restore and reintegrate women, men and children who have been exploited. We partner with local and international organisations, schools, corporates and governmental bodies, creating the best solutions to the challenges we face.

How long has your Organisation been operational?

Sine 2009

Is your Organisation a registered entity? If so, please list your registration details below for eg: NPO Number, PBO Number, NPC Number etc

Registered Trust: IT000503/2016(G)
Public Benefit Organisation: 930056616
216 – 862 NPO

Do you have a Wish List? If so, please post it below:

Prevention and awareness work – operational funding
Airport intervention work – operational funding
Restoration and Reintegration programmes – operational costs
Child and Youth Care Centre (Safe House for Exploited Children) – Investment Funding

Where can we find your Organisation online? Please list links to your Website and Social Media Platforms here:

Website: www.hoperisen.org
Facebook: Hope Risen Foundation
Instagram: hoperisenfoundation

Which Cause achievement are you most proud of? Feel free to elaborate on why and include any links:

The role we have played in working with stakeholders to help victims who have been rescued and of those many who have been reintegrated or repatriated.
The development of our work in Cape Town and the new inroads currently underway.

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