HURESIC was established in 1995 by the unemployed youth to deal with socio-economic needs of young people in our communities.


“The advancement of socio-economic development of children and youth through business skills training, income generating activities, career guidance, HIV and AIDS education and awareness, After school care and support for children and youth, job creation projects, sports and cultural development for better future”


“HURESIC seeks to realize a society in which young people live a better life through among other things good health, involvement in community development initiatives, employment, access to information and awareness about the essentials of development”


HURESIC was established in 1995 as a youth development organization by the unemployed youth to address socio-economic challenges facing the youth in communities. It is registered with the Department of Social Development as a Non-profit organization in terms of the NPO Act and with South African Revenue Services as a Public Benefit Organization and exempted from income tax and other levies and approved Section 18A PBO in terms of the Income Tax Act

The organization is an affiliate of national and international civil society organizations such as World Association of NGOs, Aids Consortium, and Limpopo Volleyball Association


1. Career guidance

The career guidance programme focuses on the following:
• Provide information to learners about study opportunities
• Career choices,
• Names and contact addresses of tertiary institutions in South Africa and courses offered.
• Life skills, university entrance, and bursary information.

2. Poverty alleviation income generating activities

• Income generating projects:-

– Poultry production
Egg project

The organization has infrastructure for the above mentioned project in Dan village including shelter, equipment and materials

Broiler production

The organization trains unemployed people in communities on broiler production skills, financial management, and project management. With funding, people are assisted with startup resources including erecting of chicken shelters, chicks, chicken feed and feeding equipment

– Vegetable Production

The organization assist women community self-help projects by training them on the following:
• Vegetable production skills,
• Financial management.
• Project management
With funding, people are assisted with startup resources such as fertilizers, seeds, seedlings and equipment

3. HIV and AIDS Education
The organization conducts HIV and AIDS education in communities to youth and adults through the following:
• Workshops
• Campaigns
• Debates

4. Leadership skills training

The organization provide leadership skills development to newly established community based organizations, boards of organization, traditional leaders, youth organizations, Representative Councils of Learners, and different structures of the organisation

5. Sports, arts and cultural development

Sports and cultural activities are implemented with the aim of removing children and youth from street and engaging in unethical behavior. There is a volley ball team, HURESIC Hurricane that plays league games at a provincial level. HURSIC cultural group performs different traditional dances such as Xincayincayi, Mukhinyavezo, Kuthawuza. The group is invited to entertain people in different events in the community

6. After school care and support for children and youth

After school care and support for children and youth programme was initiated
in 2004. It is implemented in 5 communities,namely, Mariveni, Dan, JB, Mokgoloboto and Xihoko. It is a collaboration with 5 primary schools such as Mavumbha, Mariveni, Seboni, Margret Shiluvane and Xirhulurhulu.

The service package of the programme include:-
• Afternoon meals/Food
• Academic support
• Life skills
• Health promotion
• Sports and cultural activities
• Provide clothes and school uniform.
• Computer literacy
• Psycho-social support
• Uniform distribution
• Clothes distribution

How long has your Organisation been operational? 

24 years since 1995

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NPO number – 004 962NPO
Section 18A – 18/11/13/2164

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Training on programming
Training on data base – visual basic
Development of portal
Website design and development

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HURESIC measurable achievements since establishment :-

• Won a trophy from Education Africa – Minister’s award: AIDS in education in 2000.

• Participated in the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg in 2002.

• Joined World Association of NGOs and participated in its annual conference in Thailand in 2003.

• Participated in the international Multi-religious Youth Service in Malaysia in 2006

• The organisation initiated Council of Youth Leaders and child centre committees to provide children and youth leadership that allowed them to participate in their own affairs, a model which was shared nationally with other NPOs.

• In 2013 one hundred and forty-nine children received clothes.

• In 2013 one hundred and nine children received school uniform

• In 2013, the chairperson of Council of Youth Leaders participated in Clipper Race in Cape Town and UK

• In 2014, 174 children received uniform and 97 received Christmas clothes

• In 2014 to 2018 children 350 to 520 children received food and benefited from services of the centre including academic support, and life skills and 200 benefited from afternoon computer lessons

• The organization has since 2008 till 2018 sent children of HURESIC to participate in Children’s Parliaments organized by the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund in different provinces marking the Birth Day celebrations of Mr Nelson Mandela. In 2018 the Parliament was hosted in Limpopo where 2 children joined the provincial delegation of Parliamentarians

• The organization hosted learning circle on community models of care organized by Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund where 8 provinces participated in Dan village in 2012.

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