Focusing on Education, Health and Job Creation, I2BA NPO also known as I2BA SKILLS TRAINING helps community members with skills. Main aim is instill the love of education and at I2BA we believe we can do this by changing a norm that when one finishes Matric or AET level then he or she gets a license to go look for a job. We also believe changing people mindset will relieve the overcrowded courses in Universities which then leads to overcrowded professions while opening more gap and increasing the number of scarce skills. With an increasing number of school leavers I2BA SKILLS TRAINING provides skills to unemployed and with the help of our stakeholders we train those community members in Cooperative Governance and Business Management and help them put food on the table.

We host Campaigns and Career Guidances telling our community about the importance of separating waste, how to live a healthy lifestyle

We also run Saturday classes with not just the aim of helping Grade 7 pupils’ minds to remember what they’ve learnt but knowing that some of these kids rely on what they get in school for food since we are surrounded by disadvantaged communities.

How long has your Organisation been operational?

2 years

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Considering the approaching 4IR we wish to give Basic Computer skills to all our community members, as well as internet access and or Wifi

We also wish to get a full training for our Board Members

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We have successfully hosted 2 Annual Career Guidances, pictures can be seen on our Facebook page and website and from the database, we trained 46 youth members in Cooperative Governance and Business Management. 18 of them are now being trained in Cooking and Baking while the other 28 is being trained in Farming and Agri-processing.

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