Investing in high-quality early childhood education is a powerful tool for transformation, to break the intergenerational cycles of poverty and to reduce crime, unemployment and inequality. The first six years of a child’s life is the critical time to develop an insatiable hunger to learn, to nurture the child’s natural curiosity and passion. In these early years, they learn to experience joy in discovering new knowledge and mastering key skills and are able to build a foundation of skills to serve this process for the rest of their lives. This foundation will take them through their school careers and into the job market later in life.

Learning in Reach is a solutions-driven non-profit organisation based in Cape Town, intent on delivering quality early childhood education that meets the ever changing world faced by today’s children, sharing dynamic teaching methodologies which use Montessori principles with an internationally proven track record. Learning in Reach’s approach is to leverage community ownership and to drive geographical impact through empowerment, mentorship and education. This collaboration between educators, business people and community leaders is creating an ecosystem for the holistic development of the child in marginalised areas.

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3 Years

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(NPC): 2016/190316/08 | NPO 178-856 | PBO 930054765

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Working computers especially laptops Unwanted items of clothing
Potting soil
Compost bins
Jojo water tanks
Bicycle trailers / baskets
Knitting needles
Crochet hooks
Sewing machines for training
Art materials
Toddler books
Parenting books
Folding camping tables
Folding camping chairs
Collapsible clothing rails
Stacking or folding chairs
Storage tubs
Print flyers to spread our message

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Learning in Reach has started a model preschool in Lavender Hill that provides the same quality Montessori education delivered by partnering suburban preschools, while also taking local context into account. This centre serves as a hub to train and support neighbouring ECD Principals and teachers, as well as empowering parents of young children. The preschool, Children’s House of Lavender Hill, partners with and supports ECDs in the area, and sets a benchmark for surrounding centres.

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