Is a South African non-profit Organisation committed to building long-term and scalable solutions to youth unemployment, Lack of Education, Inequality, and Violence against woman and children. In, South Africa the biggest challenge is the lack of access to quality jobs in the formal sector because of low educational attainment and inadequate professional skills, the underserved youth in South African rural communities often find themselves unemployed or employed in the informal sector.

Moreover, they remain in the intergenerational poverty that keeps them from escaping substance living. In response, MYDP pioneered the impact sourcing model as a means to provide youth with access to higher education, Professional skills Development, and formal employment in the IT sector and also providing skills training in the Entrepreneurship Sector.

In 2019, an ambitious initiative called Majozini Youth Development Programme (MYDP) was launched in South Africa to harness the potential of emerging technologies to upgrade its associates’ IT skills, Entrepreneurship skills and thus boost their employability and the ability to create their own businesses to generate income. MYPD was founded to train, employ, and certify youth in Basic Computer Skills, Web Development, Coding, and Entrepreneurial Skills.

MYDP also trains and certifies the youth in the following higher education and professional skills certification exams hosted by CERTIPORT: Adobe-certified associate, Adobe Certified Expert, App Development with swift, Auto Desk Certified professional, Auto Desk Certified User, EC Council Associate, entrepreneurship and Small Business, IC3 Digital Literacy Certification, Intuit Quickbook, Microsoft Certified Educator, Microsoft Office Specialist, Microsoft Technical Certifications, Microsoft Technology Associate, Toom Boom certified associate, Unity Certified User. After 6 months of intensive Training, Associates become certified in the above-mentioned certifications.

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2 Years

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NPO Number: 230-650 NPO

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We wish to receive donations of Computers, Projector and Projector Screen, Office Chairs, Tables and other office accessories, Classroom Computer tables and Chairs, Monetary donations for Operating Costs.
You can Donate here: www.mydprogramme.blogspot.com.

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We have presented Sugar-daddy awareness classes to 10 schools and have impacted more than 1000 learners.
We have trained 12 Unemployed Youth in our community in the IC3 GS5 Certification offered by Certiport and they have been certified.
We aim yo register about 1000 students to be certified by the next 3 to 6 years.

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