NGMH is a dynamic organisation, which serves as an effective resource to empower people to attain optimal mental well-being and quality of life in a just society.


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Describe in detail what your Organisation does:


  • North Gauteng Mental Health provides integrated welfare and mental health care services to meet the needs of people affected by mental disability or disorder, terminal and chronic illness, traumatic experiences or emotional disorders.NGMH works towards equipping the community by fully involving them in all community development projects. in the long term we strive for the relief of poverty and hunger while operating in our main field of experience, which is Mental Health.


How long has your Organisation been operational?


  • NGMH has been in existence since August 1951, which is 67 Years


In your opinion, what has been the most challenging aspect of running your Organisation?


  • Funding- NGMH relies on 75% of funding received from department of social development and department of health which covers the staff salaries, 25% left becomes a challenge on running the organisation.Resources- The organisation has two motor cars which is also a challenge since the cars are shared between the admin staff and social workers.


Describe your Nonprofit Journey in three words:


  • Caring, Constant, Protector


Do you collaborate with other Causes? If yes, would you like to mention them?


  • Yes, NGMH works together with the department of health, department of social development and Moses Mabhida foundation


If you had one Organisation wish, what would it be?


  • To have a land so that the organisation can expand its services and to accommodate more children with intellectual disability that on the waiting list.


In your opinion, which skills do Nonprofits in your Country lack?


  • Communication skills
    Fundraising skills
    Leadership skills
    Marketing skills


Looking back at your Cause Journey, what advice would you give a newbie Organisation?


  • Newbie should always strive to establish good relationships with the organisations that they receive assistance from, choose best leadership that will be able to run the organisation properly and also to collaborate with the organisations that shares the same vision.


If you could change one thing about the Nonprofit Landscape, what would it be?


  • To be fully independent not to depend on other stakeholders such as government institutions.


Which Cause achievement are you most proud of? Feel free to elaborate on why and include any links


  • The organisation is excelling very well especially on foster care placement, restoring relationship, counselling, Mental health care awareness, parenting programmes, suicide prevention etc.


Last question, if your friends had to describe your Organisation in three words, which would they use?


  • Professional
    life savior

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