We are looking forward to change the lives of the youth… We encourage them through development programs arts and culture also sports that they can win more…


Please list links to your Website and Social Media Platforms here:



Describe in detail what your Organisation does:


  • We do open airs in areas where the youth gather to smoke the drug.. We encourage th em by expressing love through motivation and we help them to acknowledge that they need help. We working together with Municipalities and community leaders..


How long has your Organisation been operational?


  • 2 years


In your opinion, what has been the most challenging aspect of running your Organisation?


  • Proper training. Funding And also finding the right people to work with…


Describe your Nonprofit Journey in three words:


  • Active, Succesful, Winning


Do you collaborate with other Causes? If yes, would you like to mention them?


  • Not at the moment


If you had one Organisation wish, what would it be?


  • To collaborate with other organisations and win more.


In your opinion, which skills do Nonprofits in your Country lack?


  • Fundraising and communicative and also administrative..


Looking back at your Cause Journey, what advice would you give a newbie Organisation?


  • Never give up always deliver what youve promised


If you could change one thing about the Nonprofit Landscape, what would it be?


  • The office bearers


Which Cause achievement are you most proud of? Feel free to elaborate on why and include any links


  • When our story was published in 2 biggest newspapers.Facebook@Nyaopepha


Last question, if your friends had to describe your Organisation in three words, which would they use?


  • Succesful, catchy, intresting

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