Resoketswe Lebjane Foundation is a non-profit organisation founded in 2016 and was registered with Department of Social Development on the 7th of December 2018.Our organisation came in response due to a high rate of Human Rights being violated in variance ways. We realise that there was a big gap between marginalised people and access to justice. Many people lack information about the constitution of South Africa. As Resoketswe Lebjane Foundation we render effective basic legal advice and paralegal services to individuals or community groups.
Vision : To promote the spirit of ubuntu
Mission : To strengthen the community through capacity building
• To render paralegal service, basic legal advice and assistance to community of Bushbuckridge free of charge and within other areas as well.
• To simplify law and raise community Awareness on Human Rights, Domestic violence, children’s rights Act, Gender and other related to.
• To promote and encourage intercultural learning process amongst student including the disabled and the previously disadvantaged.
• To inter-act and co-ordinate with all NGO’s, Government Departments and municipalities that have a special focus on youth, women and disable in development as well as other related programs thereto.
• Assists youth and women to discover and rediscover their interests in relation to their abilities and goal orientation in their careers
• To develop and empower youth, women and workers around areas of Life-skills, planning, Leadership, Communication, land rights, farm labourers, Basic condition of Employment Act and continuous interaction with experts.
• To identify and mobilize resource for youth, women and previously disadvantage people for development.
• To develop and improve new and improved ways to reach additional population group, especially the “hard to serve”.
• To introduce young people and women into the world of information, telecommunication services, computer skill and internet.
• Promote service delivery by public participation programs with other organizations and government.

How long has your Organisation been operational?

Since 2016.

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NPO : 200-515

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• Stipends for volunteers
• Printed Gazebos
• Branded- Printed T-shirts
• Office infrastructure
• Office Furnishers
• Laptops X4
• Borehole and Tank
• Vehicle ( Kombie ).

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We have over 500 beneficiaries in a period of 3 years .We manage to conduct 10 workshop gin different communities in Bushbuckridge. The workshop was a success even if we didn’t have a financial support the community contributed with chairs for the participants and workshop venue.

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