Impoverished, children become impoverished illiterate adults. Sad, but a fact of life in our country. To address this scourge, a fundamental different change in approach is essential. Looking differently at school readiness but also changing the outcome of the state supported schooling system where young adults can become economically active through entrepreneurial skills development.


Please list links to your Website and Social Media Platforms here:



Describe in detail what your Organisation does:


  • RoleModels Foundation is an association not for gain. The organization was established in 2009 with official Non-Profit Organization registration granted in February 2011.
    RoleModels Foundation focuses on the eradication of poverty through education and supports 3 projects:
    Imfundo Project support approximately 200 children from informal settlements in Educare facilities in preparation for formal schooling.
    Asante Neo Life Project focuses on abused women and children, providing immediate relief in conflict situations, restoring dignity and reintegration into the community.
    Tamakhulu Project focuses on senior citizens providing food security and providing assistance with housing needs.


How long has your Organisation been operational?


  • 6 years


In your opinion, what has been the most challenging aspect of running your Organisation?


  • Funding is the most challenging aspect of our organization. RoleModels are daily challenged by an array of obstacles, logistics, cultural and ethnic differences, administrative and staffing resources, technological and communicational shortfalls to mention a few. access to secure sustainable funding sources can alleviate much of these challenges, making it possible to focus on our mission – eradication of poverty through education.


Describe your Nonprofit Journey in three words:


  • education – empowerment – hope


Do you collaborate with other Causes? If yes, would you like to mention them?


  • Yes, RoleModels Foundation does, but it might create conflict should the other NGO’s be mentioned.


If you had one Organisation wish, what would it be?


  • Have access to funding to create a self-sustainable funding platform from which adequate resources can become available for current and future projects


In your opinion, which skills do Nonprofits in your Country lack?


  • Technological knowledge
    Sourcing of funding
    Project Management
    Need analysis
    Understanding ethnic differences


Looking back at your Cause Journey, what advice would you give a newbie Organisation?


  • Focus on your goals – do not diversify from initial vision and mission.


If you could change one thing about the Nonprofit Landscape, what would it be?


  • Access to compulsory government and corporate funding should the NGO/NPO comply with prerequisites


Which Cause achievement are you most proud of? Feel free to elaborate on why and include any links


  • Achieving school readiness for an alcohol foetal syndrome baby


Last question, if your friends had to describe your Organisation in three words, which would they use?


  • Hope for destitute vulnerable individuals living in extreme poverty

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