MISSION: The mission of the Shannon Elizabeth Foundation is to conserve, by any means possible, the natural environment including animals and habitats for endangered species. We do so by funding conservation projects, advocating for the support of conservation in public policy and regulatory development, and by providing awareness training, knowledge development and dissemination of information towards improving awareness and education about conservation issues.

The Shannon Elizabeth Foundation (formerly Animal Avengers) is a nonprofit focusing on wildlife and conservation crises around the world. With branches in the United States and South Africa, the organization has four key pillars that enable us to focus our strengths and to have a lasting effect in conservation and on people everywhere. Our belief is that we must work together and collaborate in order to make a true impact.

Wildlife Review Initiative
This initiative focuses on creating trusted, credible, objective and consistently updated web-based Reviews that focus on key individual conservation or environmental crises. The first in our series is Rhino Review, with Big Cat Review in development.

Animal Avengers
Honoring the inaugural name of this organization, Animal Avengers has become our dedicated youth initiative, designed to immerse young thought leaders from around the world in conservation, both in the field and within their own classrooms. Our ambition is to empower this future generation to develop their own initiatives and inspire them to create globally relevant strategies to better mobilize their peers to be true advocates for our planet.

Policy Advisors
This initiative aims to help guide change at the highest levels, both in the United States as well as South Africa, with other countries to soon follow. With a first-hand view of how US policy can affect the people and the environment in South Africa, we assist with lobbying by becoming a trusted advisor to politicians in Washington DC as well as to Parliamentarians in South Africa. We believe we must advocate for effective amendments to laws in order to support the tireless work of people on the ground.

Habitat Protection
We aim to develop a scalable and replicable social impact investment model that combines high-end tourism with social upliftment, job creation, youth development, habitat protection, endangered species sanctuary and modern conservation practices. This is our biggest initiative and it will underpin all of our other programs in perpetuity.

How long has your Organisation been operational?

We got our South African accreditations last year, but we have been operating for the last 1-2 years locally. We have been operating in the US since 2001, but we have gone through a rebranding and name change since then.

Is your Organisation a registered entity? If so, please list your registration details below for eg: NPO Number, PBO Number, NPC Number etc 

South Africa
PBO: 930066328
NPO: 233-521

EIN: 95-4845426

Where can we find your Organisation online? Please list links to your Website and Social Media Platforms here:

www.shannonelizabeth.org (new site coming soon)
Facebook: @shannonelizabethfdn
Instagram: @shannonelizabethfdn
Twitter: @shannonelizabfdn

Which Cause achievement are you most proud of? Feel free to elaborate on why and include any links:

Launching Rhino Review last year was a huge goal for us. We still have a lot to do with the site and initiative though. We will be adding to this site quite a bit this year and using it to uplift local organizations doing work on the ground so that donors can feel safe giving money to these people. The site is meant to inform the general public, school kids, teachers so that they may use it for their curriculum, college students, corporations for the CSR, etc. It is credible, unbiased and extremely informative.

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