1. Siyakholwa Support Care Centre was established in 2010 situated in informal settlement at Ronderbult ext2,Germiston ,Gauteng and bylaws of organisations registered with social development as NPO and section18A(PBO) since all our services are free of charge. Currently year 2019 we accommodated 870 children (orphans, vulnerable, disabilities, under privileged and disadvantaged households) in our centre. We have 2290 children on waiting list but joining us on Saturday soup kitchen, mobile toy library, mobile based care and monthly food parcel. 8200 Youth, people with Disability, women, Elders living with HIV/AIDS epidemic walk – in for education, skills development, Parental and family support programmes, Learnership programmes referral to LFP GROUP, in-service training for ECD programmes (UNISA student), Peer and social group intervention, Job creation programmes, Mentorship programmes. 7200 OVC on mobile programmes, awareness and workshops.The founder Nomvuyo Munyu have noticed up mentioned issues from her own pocket bought the side renovate structure and maintain the center with Operation Hungary and Rise Against Hungary assistance to facilitate the elements that in any part of South African poor areas and demonstrating better adequacy to their interests and development. Siyakholwa support Care Centre is situated at Ronderbult ext2 RDP houses. The majority of children (5-17 years) and their Primary care givers(Youth,Women,Grannies and their siblings) at Rondebult Low-Income houses and surrounding underprivileged communities live precariously as a result of many issues high levels of poverty unemployment, HIV/Aids which have been exacerbated by the global economic and financial crisis and little industrial growth, high incidence of disease, primarily HIV, Aids, Tuberculosis and skin disease due to malnutrition, social and political conflict recurring natural disasters such a drought and floods.

2. With an estimated 3.5 million South African people in disadvantaged communities living with HIV/AIDS epidemic is creating large number of children growing up without adult protection or financial support of 3 million are children nearly 92% have lost one or both parents. More than 448,000 children have lost both parents, while 122,000 children are estimated to live in child-headed household. Whereas most OVC live with and cared by grandparent or a great-grandparent, others are forced to assume caregiver and provider roles without adequate protection and care. These OVC are more susceptible to child labour and to sexual and other forms of exploitation increasing their risk of a acquiring HIV infection.

3. 90% of children living at Rondebult informal settlement are orphans and vulnerable and where not attending ECD, no primary care giver and secondary care giver, no mobile clinic library ,nutrition, food security, no support and parental lack of knowledge since most are ill due to up mentioned issues . Effective beneficiaries’ participation is practically indispensable to render a project successful

4. Monday to Saturday child support and developmental support with 9 full time employees and 21 volunteers (getting monthly stipend) (Job creation and sustainability plan} since there is no income from these families. Siyakholwa reached through services directly (mobilizing plan) targeting the poor household to collect these children using Home-visiting with capacity building training (Community Support structure) In so doing we promoted the creation of large number of jobs for these underprivileged communities( empowerment).We do not get any support and funding from Gauteng Government. We have infrastructure deficiencies and this impacts our ability to access support and funding from government for OVC department.

5. 99% of our beneficiaries are HIV positive ,Siyakholwa Support Care Center interfaces between HIV/AIDS beneficiaries and infectious diseases supporters and addressing their needs most effective responses to the HIV pandemic in disadvantaged communities.The organisation purpose is to directly address the HIV/AIDS pandemic by providing access to education,debate,information,treatment referral , nutrition,food security ,job creation projects and families on-going support . All our Mobile programmes are in disadvantaged communities where HIV/AIDS,poverty are in high level and death rate is high due to lack of knowledge .We have played a central role in mobilising an effective,multi-sectoral response to poverty and HIV.

6. People with disabilities  programmes:
Disability in South Africa provides economic development  services, our services aimed  at addressing the need for employment of  persons with disabilities within the open labour market  in the  SA context. we work together with LFP GROUP offer accredited  learnerships programmes with stipend for  people with disabilities  in disadvantage  communities.

7. Mahala(free) Community Advisory Project is situated in the outskirts of Majuba Nek,Sterkspruit in the Eastern Cape and services an area where the Community members are either semi-literate or illiterate. Services in the area are scarce and gender-based violence is rife. There is no access to justice and people end up abandoning their rights due to lack of knowledge or lack of service delivery. Siyakholwa Support Care Centre provide Mobile services to bring hope to those people. Lack of funding is threatening its existence.

Project Description in detail what Organisation does:
Community Advice Centre providing legal, social advice to Rural community members. Educating women and girls about gender-based violence and providing human rights education to community members
Our most challenging aspect of running this projects?
Funding has been most challenging. We have no funding to run the objectives of the organization
Nonprofit Journey in three words:
* Fulfilling, perseverance, hopefulment
* Organisation wish,
* To get funding and equipment to be able to run the objectives of the organisation.

How long has your Organisation been operational? 

9 Years

Is your Organisation a registered entity? If so, please list your registration details below for eg: NPO Number, PBO Number, NPC Number etc 

930058246 PBO

Do you have a Wish List? If so, please post it below: 

– Our OVC  mobile  ECD Practitioner, home based care training, home visitors to get learnerships, interns and monthly  stipend(job creation)
– We do mobile feeding scheme programmes in disadvantage  communities  if we can get monthly food donations or financial assistance
-Youth Leadership & Entrepreneurship Development Programme (YLED) gives selected disadvantaged communities graduates and undergraduates, out of school youth the opportunity to have their leadership, interpersonal and entrepreneurship skills honed through different skills models, life skills,career skills,caree development skills,Entrepreneurship skills and Leadership Skills. We request support and training of Youth Leaders

Where can we find your Organisation online? Please list links to your Website and Social Media Platforms here: 

website: www.siyakholwasupport.org.za

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/siyakholwatrans/

Which Cause achievement are you most proud of? Feel free to elaborate on why and include any links:

OVC feeding scheme programmes :
HIV and OVC clothing distributions to needy people
ECD and Mobile ECD programmes to OVC in disadvantaged communities
Youth Saturday Computer training
People with disabilities learner ship programmes Recruitment and referral

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