The Children’s Cardiac Foundation of Africa saves lives and improves the health of children with congenital heart disease in Africa. We do this by raising funds for heart surgeries and by training specialists and support staff in the field of paediatric cardiac care.

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Less the 1 year.

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Yes, NPO 222-720

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Not Applicable

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Zahara is the Foundation’s first beneficiary from outside South Africa to receive open heart surgery. The 7-year-old from Accra, recently took her first airplane ride to Durban where she was treated for severe mitral valve regurgitation, a condition in which her heart’s mitral valve didn’t close tightly, allowing blood to flow backward into her heart. A team of over 10 volunteer surgeons, pediatric and cardiac doctors, percussionists, anesthetists, nurses as well as other support staff worked together to perform her life-saving surgery, more than 3 years after her initial diagnosis. Today, almost 3 months after her surgery, Zahara is back at school in Ghana – a healthy little girl, ready to face her future with excitement.
Watch her story here:


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