The e’Pap vision is a healthy African population. Our philosophy is that the human condition of nutrient repleteness is a key requirement which allows the body to perform optimally. We believe that nutrient replete human beings will find better solutions to their health and life challenges which will be the engine for sustainable economic growth. By employing well known science and paying attention to how the body functions, we make available affordable, tasty, nutrient dense foods.

Our objective is to focus 100 million people in Africa on their nutrient status so that we ensure a well-managed future on our continent that faces a projected population growth to 2 billion in the coming two decades. It starts with pregnant mothers and carries through the life cycle to old age.
Our method is to innovate, produce and distribute affordable, nutrient dense food solutions.

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4 years

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Mobile Phones

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In December 2019 we raised over 78 800 e’Pap meals which were distributed to 2500 orphaned and vulnerable children in the Ndumo (KZN) Community. Ndumo is one of South Africa’s most severely impoverished areas. This project has been ongoing for roughly 8 years in collaboration with The Ndumo Community Project, which strives to integrate wildlife conservation education into the community.

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