Our mandate is to drive access to professional animal welfare, provide primary veterinary service, education and empowerment to low-income, under-resourced communities.
This, by way of mobile field teams of para-veterinarians, veterinary hospital and provision of individual and mass outreach sterilisations, treatment of animal emergencies such as infectious diseases, sick, distressed and injuries.

Employability and Skills development are a core focus through the post-graduate 1-year Mentorship programme.

Ideal donors are national and international businesses, individuals and foundations that seek to advance positive impact on Life on Land, Health and well-being, Quality Education, Engagement with Community, Decent Work and Economic Growth, Reduced inequalities, Sustainable cities and communities, No Poverty and Partnerships for the goals.

How long has your Organisation been operational?

62 years

Is your Organisation a registered entity? If so, please list your registration details below for eg: NPO Number, PBO Number, NPC Number etc

001-249 NPO / PBO 930 012 662

Do you have a Wish List? If so, please post it below:

1 Dog/Cat Sterilisation – R260
12 Dogs and Cats Sterilisations – R3,120
1 Animal Full Protection Treatment: Sterilisation, Vaccination, Microchip, De-wormer, Tick & Flea control – R360
1 Pup/Kitten Full Protection Treatment PLUS Comfort Combo: Bag dry puppy/kitten food, Can puppy/kitten food, Collar, Blanket – R520
R1,000 – Emergency Unit Vehicle Fuel
R2,400 – Annual Professional Animal Handler Mentorship Course
R2,500 – Veterinary Hospital scrubs for Hospital personnel (worn for up to 6 years)

Where can we find your Organisation online? Please list links to your Website and Social Media Platforms here:

Please reach out to us on WhatsApp: 083 640 8824, 083 640 8827 and Facebook Messenger m.me/tsfaid
From May 2020: www.animalsindistress.org.za (currently being re-built).

Which Cause achievement are you most proud of? Feel free to elaborate on why and include any links:

International Sterilisation Month – Provincial Outreach: February 2020
The Society assists various Animal Welfare Organisations by performing 75 sterilisations for animals in their care.
Para-veterinary Mentorship and Internship Programme: Economic value creation and Sustainability

17 Para-veterinarian’s completed mentorship training and employed to date.

Animal Impact Report:  Para-veterinary field statistics 1 April 2019 – 29 February 2020

  •  41 455 door-to-door education deliveries and welfare to under-resourced communities. To change the lives of our patients, and successive animals acquired by their owners in the future.
  • 10 505 preventative care treatments provided for a strong immune response to infectious diseases.
  • 1555 sterilisations performed, owners now firmly part of SAID education and welfare reflecting new patients and care.
  • 6 736* prior animal patients returned by request of their owners for primary veterinary care. Proof that education and welfare care deliver responsibility and compassion.
  • SAID has present capacity to run 3 out of 5 Mobile Veterinary Units and 1 Emergency Response Unit.

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