Thembi started off as a picture on an invitation for a Mama Themba event in 2015. She was then brought to life by Portia Motjuwadi who is currently, the project manager at Themba Training, as part of an idea for the sewing programme they run. Thembi is made of shweshwe material which is fabric used for traditional Sotho clothing – only the best will do for our bear.

The Thembalitsha Marketing Team had a bigger idea; for Thembi Teddy to become the foundation’s mascot and travel the world. This would be a means of taking Hope into every home as Thembi means ‘hope’ in the Xhosa language.

A passport was made for her and she was ready to go on her maiden voyage with one of our Board Members, John Miller and his lovely wife, Rona Miller on their tandem cycle from Vancouver to San Diego from May to July 2016. Since then, there have been more Thembi Teddy’s made for the express purpose of taking Thembalitsha Foundation‘s vision forward!

Would you like to help spread new hope and invite Thembi Teddy into your home TODAY? You could help us transform lives through Education, Healthcare and Training. With each purchase of Thembi Teddy, you are supporting the vision of Thembalitsha Foundation. Your one or two Thembi’s could quickly become 100 or even 1000 Thembi’s bringing HOPE INTO HOMES this Christmas.

If you would like to purchase one today for only R150, please contact us on

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Team Thembalitsha

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