The Vine School offers a classic Ambleside curriculum, applying Charlotte Mason’s philosophy of education. In small classes of no more than 16 children, teachers know each child personally. Their natural curiosity is engaged through “living books”, nature walks and great art & music. Classrooms are peaceful, attractive spaces where children are loved, accepted and supported in a non-competitive atmosphere. Teachers diligently train them to pay attention, take turns, listen to others, speak truthfully and practice self-control – all of which leads to success in learning. As a result, our children love to learn! The school has more than trebled in size since it began in 2012.

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8 years

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NPO: 175-164

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Funding to allow more children from disadvantaged backgrounds to attend the school.

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We have grown into a genuinely multi-cultural school, where families from all backgrounds feel at home. Through our in-house training programme, we develop excellent teachers from many different backgrounds. |n this way, our students experience great role models from diverse cultures.

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