YIMS is an NPO founded in 2014 focusing on Industry Specific ICT, Enterprise Development, Women Empowerment Programs and Rural Development programs. An organisation with a PBO SARS Section 18A – Approval for tax deductible donations. A global aspirant NPO with an aim to become a leader in Africa. We are running in nine (9) provinces in South Africa.

Key focus arears: Computer training (Microsoft Office: Typing, data capturing, technical support (CISCO) and Coding), Enterprise Development, ICT Entrepreneurship, NPO capacity training and Entrepreneurship, Soft Skills (Job readiness). Rural Development programs: Phone Repair, DSTV Installation, shoe Maker training, photography training and Corporate Printing program.

Key differentiator: YIMS trains for specific job opportunities, enterprise development (entrepreneurship)

Key value add: Global competitive Industry driven curriculums, technologies delivered to ordinary African youth in townships and rural South Africa and a 75% employment /entrepreneurship creation model.

Key innovations: YIMS Seminar, YIMS Entrepreneurs Academy and YIMS Innovation hub.

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5 years

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Registration number: 132-487 NPO
PBO Number: 930067428

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NPO Network
Job Creation

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The project we ran in Mpumalanga really brought change in the communities as we were able to train and place the candidates and help the candidates start their businesses. All the projects photos and information is being posted on our facebook social media page https://www.facebook.com/yinnovatorzgroup/

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