YOUREMI (Youth Rescue Mission International) is a Christian registered non-profit organization with headquarters in South Africa. It is a non-denominational organisation that does not discriminate in race, gender, faith, religion, nationality, colour and background.

YOUREMI is not a church but rather an organisation that brings together every person who is willing to sucrifice what they have in order to transform the lives of others globally through entreprenureship, education and all aspects of life.

Target group: Youth aged 10-45 years who are unemployed / employed and Skilled / Unskilled.


Please list links to your Website and Social Media Platforms here:



Describe in detail what your Organisation does:


  • Distribute free bibles,Groceries,Food,Clothes,shoes


How long has your Organisation been operational?


  • Since 2013


In your opinion, what has been the most challenging aspect of running your Organisation?


  • Finding donors


Describe your Nonprofit Journey in three words:


  • Moving Forward


Do you collaborate with other Causes? If yes, would you like to mention them?


  • Yes,TWC International, Makeke Freight


If you had one Organisation wish, what would it be?


  • Build a shelter for the homeless


In your opinion, which skills do Nonprofits in your Country lack?


  • Vocational skills


Looking back at your Cause Journey, what advice would you give a newbie Organisation?


  • Persistance


If you could change one thing about the Nonprofit Landscape, what would it be?


  • I would make sure every rich person helps others


Which Cause achievement are you most proud of? Feel free to elaborate on why and include any links


  • Transformed many lives


Last question, if your friends had to describe your Organisation in three words, which would they use?


  • Helpless helper

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