Missing Children South Africa is an organisation that assists the authorities when a child goes missing in South Africa, for any reason whatsoever.

MCSA work closely with the SAPS and other government bodies as well as private institutions and other NGO’s to assist in the recovery and safe return of any missing child.

MCSA’s first tier is an emergency response service. We have a national helpline for incident reports and callers are advised on which immediate steps to take in logging the incident officially with the SAPS so as to ensure efficient and timeous action.

We also liaise with the investigating officers on the case so as to ensure a continuous flow of information between the parents and authorities, often advising the officers on duty as to the correct steps to take.

Secondly, by activating a vast national social and media network we distribute flyers of missing children, creating mass awareness of the individual and maximising the chances of that child being recovered.
We currently have 226K+ Likes and 227K+ Followers on our Facebook Page alone, excluding the individual networks of our board members, volunteers and other affiliates which makes for incredibly efficient, instant mass distribution of flyers, within moments of an incident of a child reported missing.

Education plays an incredibly vital role, and Missing Children South Africa would also utilise part of this funding to continue with our Educational Programme; ‘Safety Tips for Children’ + ‘Safety Tips for Parents’ and ‘Holiday Safety Tips’. This is targeted to all the vulnerable and orphaned children, and children with disabilities. The education is also shared with parents, guardians and the families who take care of these children.
The education focuses on not only the dangers, but also the solutions with regards to what to do to keep children safe, and especially what not do.

MCSA is based in the Western Cape but operate on a national level and as such are the most recognised, free community service for missing children (and adults) in the country.

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