We work with 15 communities in the Eastern Cape and Western Cape creating enabling conditions for NEETs to take responsibility and control of their lives and thrive in the economy by engaging them in Primary agriculture, upscaling economic activities, manufacturing/Innovation, and Agri-processing. We work with the entire community creating self-sustainable communities. Our main challenges are communication, digital poverty, and a lack of full-time staff. To address these challenges, we are in the process of establishing community E-Resource Centers. We have secured classrooms from local schools for these centres. Our 2023 focus is agri-processing, digital technology, manufacturing/Innovation, and upscaling economic activities. Relying on volunteers & developing sharing culture, we’ve managed to achieve improbabilities as reflected in our social media pages. In 2024 we’ll establish a food hub for storage, packaging, marketing, and distributing members’ produce. This program will result in i) Community-Based Business Development ii) Social Enterprises and iii) Goods & Services.

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